We solve data problems by providing integration, automation and data analytics services, helping you put your data to work. What is missing from your executive visions? Which systems are not talking to one another? What information are you not getting from your system report? Let us tackle your data problem today.

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysis service will help you manage your most critical business processes, bridging the gap between stakeholders and vendors or service providers, aligning your data to your business activities.

  • Monitor, analyze and improve existing processes
  • Analyze business requirements and feasibilities
  • Clarify functional and technical specifications
  • Vendor sourcing and evaluation
  • Build training program and transition plan
  • Data mapping and migration

Robotic Process Automation

Process Automation service will help you automate repetitive tasks and bridge the gap between multiple systems:

  • System and application monitoring with notifications upon failures
  • Reinforce policies and procedures, such as time entry, periodic report, due diligence procedures, etc…
  • Automatically download, combine, process reports from multiple sources and prepare value-added reports or follow-up actions

BI and ​​Data Analytics

Combining your data from different sources, analyzing and visualizing the data can help you:

  • Identify trends and anomalies to understand where the business is going
  • Validate business assumptions and strategies
  • Periodically and automatically evaluate business operations against budgets or benchmarks
  • Provide operational management tools to department heads


We can leverage powerful modern technologies ready to make technologies

Python API Development

We help you extend the capabilities of your existing software and servers, allowing you to download your data into a warehouse, or send data to other applications automatically and seamlessly.

SQL/Power BI Data & Analytics

Break the ceiling of built-in reports and applications. Gather the insights from centralized database/data warehouse so that you can have comprensive vision of your business, perform deep-dive investigations and forecast using our intuitive and insightful dashboards

Software Integration

We boost your company's productivity by integrating your existing software together or with another specialized software, reducing manual data entry, data discrepancies, or missing information.

Microsoft RPA Power Automate/Flow

This is just about the most low-cost RPA solution but it will help automate the data processing tasks on Desktop applications as well as integrating with API, SQL, Outlook, Excel, and many other data applications

Python Selenium

For complex automation on web interface, we utilize this open-source technology to effectively automate the tasks such as data entry, downloading reports, scraping data, etc...

Microsoft Power App

This Low-Code infrastructure allows us to build your data-driven applications faster and with greater power while remaining cost-effective, allowing Form-based data entries, automated validations, store data where you need, and integrate with other software platform through API.

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Many Accounting Firms relies on Practice Management systems to run their businesses. The native reporting system is very fixed in the format and does not cater to the user’s business need.  
I provided highly interactive, deep-dive, secured Power BI Dashboards and Reports, effectively highlight multiple important business metrics at a glance, allowing the users to slice and dice by line of business, client types, staff positions, etc… and easily drill down all the way from Executive Summary Levels into the specific details such as Time Entries or Invoices.
The shareholders and managers were able to quickly analyze their business operation and facilitate strategic discussions.

The organization implemented Certify as the AP system to better manage its AP process, while it is using MIP as the main accounting system. Data import into MIP requires specific convention that Certify was not able to support. Given the volume of the invoices and level of details, it is not practical to do enter the information manually into and out of MIP. In addition, the company had a manual process to review a new vendor, and would like to streamline it.
I created an RPA solution to automatically download the invoices from Ceritfy, applied all business rules necessary, prepare the data to conform to MIP’s requirements. I also created a Power App Form that would help automate the New Vendor Process.
The organization was able to leverage the modern functionality of Certify, minimize the gap between Certify and MIP, and efficiently process large number of invoices. The New Vendor Process was user-friendly and significantly saved processing time for all parties involved.

The company implemented an ERP system for the company, but would also like to apply agile project management methodology that the ERP does not support. With thousands of active projects at a time, it is not possible to manually maintain and sync the information between the ERP and Kanbanize. In addition, the data mapping from ERP and Kanbanize is complicated, make it impossible for an out-of-the-box sync utility to work well.
I implemented an RPA solution in conjunction with some custom coding that fulfill the complex requirement of the organization. The sync happens periodically every 30 minutes and was able to keep the two system in sync without human intervention.
The strategic objective was obtained. The company was able to operate efficiently and maintain its innovative edge over competitors. 

A retailer company with 65 different locations need a way to track the incidents and maintenance for all of its equipment. It was using a MS Access application that was not well designed and effective. The current out-of-the-box solutions such as Jira or Zoho were not able to accommodate the scale and complexity of the entity. Without proper information, the manager was not able to effectively evaluate the useful life of the asset and the cost/benefit of repair vs. replace.
I implemented Manage Engine Service Desk Plus with optimal configuration and custom-built RPAs to help effectively manage the process. 
The organization was able to automate most of the data entry, notification and reporting related to the process. ​

The company implemented a popular ERP system in the industry. Without proper planning, the company failed to identify the deficiencies in the billing review process with the new system. The company could not perform the reviews and ultimately could not invoice the clients, which severely impact cashflow and financial operations.
I implemented an automation solution that would fill in the gap, generating 100-200 reports at a time and delivering to the appropriate reviewers.
The solution saved the company from a severe disruption. 

Problem:  A vendor failed to sustain SLA level, which triggered an internal audit from the government agency. However, the process and information flow was not well documented, causing challenges to the investigation. The deficiencies rate is very low. The traditional sampling approach was not able to find the deficiencies.
Solution: I performed detailed walkthrough and apply data analytics techniques to trace the data throughout the process. As the result, I’ve identified deficiencies with concrete evidence where the one of the staff manipulated the data without any oversight.
Impact: The deficiency was resolved and the overall process was improved.​

Problem: Hurricane Harvey in Houston TX hits about 25% of the properties, and the company needs to generate proof of damage to file insurance claim. This requires combining and analyzing over 10 different reports for each properties. This is impractical for the current accounting team.

Solution: I work with the attorney to identify the key components that can be claimed for insurance, then build an RPA to automatically download the data package consisting of almost 1,000 reports, automatically trend analysis reports for each property, then visualize the results to the attorneys.

Impact: The presentation was clear and conclusive, providing a basis for both parties to reach a settlement, which was favorable to the client, saving both parties a court fight.

The NFP used Microsoft Dynamic GP as the accounting system, and Crystal Report as the reporting application. These systems were out of support. The organization performed a mandatory Windows Upgrade for all of its workstations, which unexpectedly resulted in an compatibility issue with Crystal Report. As the result, the CFO was unable to generate the financial reports and other related functions when the annual financial report was becoming due.

I analyzed the back-end database of Dynamic GP and create an automated report system that the CFO can run at anytime on her own.

​Avoided business disruption, giving the time to pursue a more strategic move, which is to switch to a more suitable accounting system.

The organization operated on a custom built web application. The interface was limited and any changes must wait for days or weeks for the developers to complete. The system was also limited in managing the contacts and clients information, communicating with internal and external stakeholders, and work tasks. Reporting functions were very limited. The system could not accommodate the growing client base and business complexity.
I helped the organization obtain the free license from Salesforce.com and build a complete CRM, time entry, and operation management system. The sales funnels are well defined and many critical business information are captured properly. Many repetitive tasks and communications are automated.
​After successfully implementing Salesforce, the organization improved its client satisfaction and doubled its customer base in 2 years without having to add additional staff. 

The company did not have an effective CRM/PM system that is capable of monitoring sales process and budgeting for the coming months/quarters. The monthly reports were time consuming, manual and did not provide adequate visibility on the business activities. There is no tool to monitor and manage work assignments and projects. Lacking coordinated systems, sales, accounting and client services could not collaborate as needed.

I help implemented a cloud-based CRM and PM system that could effectively help digitize the sales process as well as project executions. I also created a mini Data Warehouse to synchronize the data from the cloud every day and provide real time reports to directors and managements. Operational reports can easily be generated every day instead of every month. Quarterly revenues projections are now possible. Marketing, Sales and Accounting team can now collaborate in real time to monitor the status of projects and collections and business meeting becomes productive. 

​Improved each staff’s effectiveness in sales and execution. Improved morale within the company as well as management.

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